About Threadwise

Weaver birds are an outstanding species that have the ability to weave the most intricate nests for their offspring by selecting each twig, leaf, grass carefully to ensure utmost comfort. 

Using that inspiration, we are committed to producing the highest quality uniform which is all-natural and incredibly comfortable for each of our young customers. 

We pay very close attention to the details to ensure a smooth experience with us. Right from understanding the ethos of your school to making uniforms for your students, each step is very smooth. Delivering the best uniforms that reflect your school values through naturally made, recyclable clothing is our goal!

Threadwise is a young company built on traditional values of slow fashion. Everything we buy creates an impact, and our aim is to make it a positive one!

Many current suppliers are entrenched in old garment manufacturing practices because of which bulk of their uniforms are un-sustainable and they still use azo dyes. While there is a long term commitment of shifting to sustainable school uniforms by 2030, there is no reason to let the bad effects of these garments impact our children and our planet until then.

Threadwise is set-up with a sole aim of bringing high quality sustainable and comfortable school uniforms to the students of today. We understand the need to shift to sustainability is urgent and cannot be ignored. That is why, we follow the best practices to create our garments.

Our Mission

To become a leading brand for high quality, reliable uniforms made with sustainable fabrics and ethical practices with the ultimate goal of creating lasting positive impact.

Our Vision

We want to make it easy for the next generation to make sustainable and stylish uniform choices by combining sustainable fabrics, ethical procurement and eco-friendly processes.

As a company, Threadwise espouses the values of authenticity, transparency and accountability, with deep commitment to value the resources of the planet.

We also aim to become a fun, fulfilling and compassionate place to work.

Nano Green Trade: Our Parent Company

As consumers, we can influence real change by making environmentally sustainable purchases – every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want; but we know that it can be hard to find Earth-friendly products that deliver what they promise. That’s why we created Nano Green Trade– to empower you to take action with products you can trust.

We make it simple for you to buy high-quality, reliable products that are produced using sustainable methods and materials. We’re giving you easy access to suppliers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs who are committed to creating the products you want in a way that respects the Earth. We believe there shouldn’t be a conflict between environmentally sustainable and high quality. The products you find on Nano Green Trade are both.

We aim to promote a circular economy beginning with ethical sourcing, environmentally friendly practices at all stages of production and distribution with the least possible carbon footprint.

Threadwise stands on the rock solid values of


We are truly committed to sustainability in everything we do. Right from procuring GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified cotton to working with fair-trade garment manufacturers all the way to keeping our carbon foot-print to the minimum while delivering our business goals.


We aim to be transparent with regards to our pricing model, our manufacturing partners and provenance of sourced raw materials.


We hold ourselves accountable for the standard of production and pride ourselves when it comes to the quality of our uniforms. Further we want to responsibly recycle worn out uniforms and ensure our uniforms leave minimum foot-print behind.